Hunterston PARC’s vision brings together energy intensive industries with low cost, on-site power and heat generation, offering a unique opportunity to development innovative, self-sustaining and cost-effective operations.


  • Over 320-Acres of Available Space
  • Plot sizes can accommodate up to 4,000,000 sq ft On-site rail connectivity / passenger within 0.7 miles
  • On-site deep water port and dry-dock
  • Significant grid connections (Western Link High Voltage Direct Current)
  • On-site water abstraction and discharge
  • Proximity to Glasgow & Prestwick Airport
  • Favourable planning status
  • Significant support from UK and Scottish government

Maximum benefits of Hunterston

Max size

Circa 300 acres of development land with one of the largest dry docks in the country

Max capacity

Site can store up to 1.5 million tonnes of cargo

Max connectivity

Two rail terminals and superb road connections providing direct access to Scotland and rest of the UK


Max uses

Suitable for off-shore wind, floating decom, IRM, energy and industry

Max utilities

Major grid connections to the UK National Grid

Max deliverability

Existing planning permission for port and associated uses

Max economic value

Potential to support over 1,700 jobs adding £140 economic value to Scotland

Max flexibility

Marine yard, port activity, industry