Peel Ports is committed to preserving and protecting the natural environment and from the outset of developing our Masterplan for Hunterston PARC the environment in and around the site has been carefully considered.


As a statutory harbour authority, licensing authority and landowner, Peel Ports has environmental duties laid out by  statute. Government policy also requires harbour authorities to strike an appropriate balance between the long-term protection of the environment and the securing of sustainable economic growth.

Peel Ports is committed to its continuing compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and other relevant requirements whilst delivering the Hunterston PARC Masterplan and supporting industrial and economic growth in Scotland.

As such, it is Peel Ports policy that it should:

  • Maintain an environmental management system to assess the impacts of the company’s activities on the environment including the establishment of a suite of environmental measures;
  • Follow best environmental practice regarding its own activities and provide appropriate management of the estate;
  • Set objectives and targets through the implementation of an environmental management programme with a view to:
  • Minimising any significant adverse environmental impacts of new developments through the use of integrated environmental management procedures and planning;
  • Development of environmental performance evaluation procedures and associated indicators;
  • Preventing pollution, reducing waste and the consumption of resources (materials, fuel and energy), and committing to recovery and recycling, as opposed to disposal, where feasible;
  • Educating and training employees, contractors and customers in good practice environmental management principles;
  • Communicating with the relevant authorities, regulators and stakeholders and consulting where there are areas of common interest;
  • Working towards sustainable development; and,
  • Encouraging responsible environmental behaviour by suppliers and contractors.

More information on the specific environmental considerations at Hunterston PARC will be published in the Masterplan.


Jetty Extension - Environmental Impact Assessment

With regards to jetty extension at the Marine Yard, a request for screening opinion under the relevant Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations was made to North Ayrshire Council and Marine Scotland in February 2017. The decision of both North Ayrshire Council planning department and Marine Scotland was that the development does not require a full Environmental Impact Assessment to accompany the various planning and licence applications.


Despite this, the following  environmental reports are being undertaken to ensure best practice is adhered to at all times.


Contamination of the local environment

Methods and management for avoidance of contamination of the environment are currently being documented in a series of assessments and will be submitted to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) for its  consideration and approval.


Marine Mammals

We are currently preparing an assessment of potential impacts to marine mammals and documenting planned mitigation measures. This will be submitted to Marine Scotland in due course for their consideration in consultation with Scottish Natural Heritage and others as part of the licencing process.

Our experienced contractors Arch Henderson and EnviroCentre have trained Marine Mammal Observers who worked on the new facilities at Western Ferries this year and Arch Henderson was the Engineer for Largs Pier and the repair of Cumbrae slipway as well as having more than twenty years of experience at Hunterson.

Furthermore, Arch Henderson recently designed the new facilities in Cromarty Firth at Nigg and Invergordon where similar issues around porpoises and dolphins as well as whales, etc. were successfully mitigated by careful design and construction overseen by mammal observers.


Southannan Sands SSSI

Any proposed construction and dredging operations will  take place outwith the SSSI to avoid impacting on the SSSI. No material will be dredged from the SSSI. This has been clear in our discussions with Scottish Natural Heritage from the outset of the project.



The proposed construction works are all routine marine civil engineering works for which there are accepted parameters for noise, vibration, etc. All contractors are required to prepare a site specific Environmental Management Plan to demonstrate compliance with the environmental legislation in force during the work.