The future vision for Hunterston PARC is currently being drawn together within a 20-year Masterplan, which will be shared and consulted upon in spring 2019.

The Masterplan will contain much more detail on the future ambitions for the PARC, and Peel Ports will be actively encouraging feedback from the local community on this Masterplan. In the meantime, the following provides a high-level overview of our vision, which aims to capitalise on  Hunterston PARC’s unique advantages as a deep-water port and industrial hub.

The Challenge

A key component of the Scottish Government’s Economic Strategy is the concept of the circular economy

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The Vision

Working in collaboration to deliver an ambitious vision, with guiding principles, to support industrial & economic growth

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The Opportunity

The over-arching strategy is to regenerate Hunterston PARC into a multi-faceted industrial and economic hub

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