Expansive and unique opportunity

Set on 100 acres of land, the yard includes one of the world’s largest dry docks and a quayside that will be refurbished and extended to support large scale construction and decommissioning projects.

The site has existing planning permission for development and the construction and recycling of large marine structures. It will be developed for heavy loads on two quaysides. 

It is ideally suited to offer flexibility and choice to operators supporting offshore renewables activity or construction and decommissioning of large scale assets.

Floating wind developers

Hunterston enables commercial-scale build of assets for floating wind farms. It offers great potential for the port to be adopted for fabrication and/or assembly of floating substructures, as well as wind turbine component staging and the wet storage of assembled units.

A report conducted by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and the University of Strathclyde showed that Hunterston PARC could support £50/mwh LCOE power from commercial-scale manufacture for the new floating offshore wind sector. Hunterston PARC has been working with developers, technologies and construction contractors to develop a solution that will enable this reality.

The port is available to be redeveloped to support the offshore renewable energy including fixed bottom offshore wind, grid connected floating wind.

The site benefits from unparalleled space, road and rail connection and access to workforce. Once developed it will encompass:

  • 150m x230m dry dock with a new caisson gate
  • New ‘assembly-line’ and deep-water skidding solutions for low cost manufacture of foundations
  • A new and a re-furbished quayside serving the dry dock and assembly lines
  • 700m of(additional) deep-water quayside (to 36m) for assembly and commissioning of turbines
  • 25 hectares of space for laydown and dry storage
  • Extensive sheltered wet storage options
  • Office, welfare and warehouse space
  • Connections with local skills development programmes
  • Connections with the University of Strathclyde Advanced Forming Research Centre to explore the application of latest automation and process innovations
  • Up to 18 hectares of space and facilities for pre-fabrication and supply chain activities such as mooring and cable solutions
  • Access to electricity power for commissioning and manufacturing activity
  • Ongoing service centre for ‘tow to port’ solutions


Hunterston PARC is a unique site for decommissioning with the connectivity, space and facilities to unlock a new deal for decom.

With one of the world’s largest deep water dry docks, extensive space for set down and processing and good access to labour and waste metal markets, Hunterston PARC can collocate safe and responsible management and recycling of assets. The ‘Circular Economy’ in action.

Hunterston PARC has the ability to serve the recycling of floating assets from the oil and gas sector which would otherwise leave Scottish shores.

Consultation with international decommissioning operators, researchers at the University of Strathclyde and industry bodies has led to the New Deal for Decom. Hunterston PARC is able to offer the decommissioning sector the benefit of three economies.

Securing the economics of dry dock working

At 230m x 150m x 17m, and with 11m of water within 50m of the dock entrance.

Previous projects include the Phillips Maureen Gravity Base and the BP Harding Gravity base. 

Securing the economics of space

Hunterston PARC has extensive development land available and extensive wet stack areas. The creation of a decom campus in this area will enable collaboration along the supply chain and unlock efficiencies.

Securing the economics of scrap

With extensive space available for set down and links to other scrap operations via Peel Ports Clydeport which currently handles 70% of Scotland’s scrap steel, Hunterston PARC can deliver significant improvements in scrap yield.

Combined with Hunterston PARC’s two rail terminals, onsite cargo handling capabilities, deepwater draught and road links, Hunterston PARC offers tangible benefits over sites further afield.

Available land

100 acres of development land major development opportunity.


66m long by 21m wide with designed dredge dept of 4.4m, load capacity of crane platform is 100t/m2

Dry Dock

230m length, 150m breadth, dock floor is 12.5m below mean mark. Water depth sill 11m extending to 40m in the Clyde Estuary