Sustainable communities in North Ayrshire

  • Providing around 1700 jobs that will reduce the need for local people to travel long distances for employment (with the associated costs of that)
  • Retaining or even attracting younger people with quality and long term jobs
  • Halting or even reversing the trend in the declining population¬†
  • Creating the jobs that will in turn maintain demand for supply services (e.g local shops) and public services (e.g schools and healthcare)
  • Building a more resilient economy by introducing a variety of industry sectors to the region
  • Giving school leavers a 'positive destination' locally to aim for
  • Stimulating education, training and skills development activities in the area
  • Attracting complementary economic activities that will provide further opportunities for local people
  • Actively managing environmental issues are part of the ongoing site management and development


You can download the Hunterston PARC Socio Economic study HERE.