A place with blue-green economy at its heart.

Our vision is to create a nationally significant Energy and Marine campus. Bringing together leading industry operators, world class universities and the latest innovators to deliver technological advances in areas such as power generation and aquaculture.

Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC) strengths lie in its location with its deep water port, on-site rail connectivity, national grid connections and it’s sheer size, which allows for a broad range of options for occupation.

Over 320 Acres of Available Space;

  • Land leasing Build to specification and lease
  • Long leasehold sales
  • Build to sell
  • Build to own and operate

Hunterston PARC offers you the unrivalled combination of space, facilities and connectivity for Scottish industry with energy at its heart. It offers infrastructure that enables efficient logistics and is ideally suited to Energy & Power Generation, Offshore Manufacture, Recycling of Energy Assets, Vessel Inspection and Repair, Warehousing & Office Space, and Aquaculture.


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Set on a 100 acres site and comprising one of the world's largest dry docks in the world, it is ideally suited for large scale offshore wind and decommissioning projects.  

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Hunterston offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers, power generators, recyclers, importers and exporters, and is ideally placed to support sustainable industrial growth.

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An exceptional opportunity capable of supporting the international energy industry.

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