Hunterson PARC could have great potential to suit the growing Scottish aquaculture industry. Our available land could be ideal for the development of:
  • Finfish farming
  • Onshore fish trials unit – feed etc
  • Production and value-added services to seaweed
  • Centre of Excellence in manufacturing and engineering to support sector needs and development in deep water/off-shore fish farming
  • Shellfish Centre of Excellence
  • Processing value-added service to finfish and shellfish
  • University-led R&D facility/lab focused ‘onshore’ aquaculture. Aquaculture is a vital industry and has the potential to feed the world of tomorrow.

Aquaculture is a vital industry and has the potential to feed the world of tomorrow. Hunterston PARC offers the unrivalled combination of space, facilities and connectivity that will add value, benefit the local community and support business innovation for years to come.

The use of key assets that the site boasts, including one of the world’s largest deep water dry docks, provides the ideal choice for businesses to invest. The site offers the perfect combination of marine infrastructure, electric power and access to saltwater to support a number of opportunities and enable the growth of the industry.

There is great potential to increase the numbers of jobs in this area by attracting interest from the industry. This in turn will boost the viability of the local area and increase scope for greater utilisation of existing resident workforce in the Western Isles.

An ideal partner

Hunterston PARC has a number of developed partnerships with key stakeholders including North Ayrshire Council, University of Strathclyde Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International. Engagement is our number one priority and our aim is to work with you to share our vision, unlock value creation for your business and bring prosperity to the local area now, and into the future.

Cumbrae Oysters

Hunterston PARC is delighted to work in partnership with Cumbrae Oysters Ltd, a family run company who own and operate their own oyster farm based on the West Coast of Scotland.

“Cumbrae Oysters Ltd has been cultivating oysters at the Hunterston Fairlie site for over 25 years. The Clyde Estuary provides ideal conditions for growing oysters, with its combination of rich estuarine and deep cold ocean waters.”  Alan Forbes, Director, Cumbrae Oysters.