Hunterston Masterplan 2019

Hunterston Masterplan 2019 Consultation Draft May 2019

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Hunterston Masterplan Executive Summary

Hunterston Masterplan Executive Summary May 2019

Executive Summary

Public consultation events

Public consultation events were held on:
- 4th June at Fairlie Village Hall (2pm to 7pm)
- 5th June at Fairlie Village Hall - (10am-4pm)
- 6th June at Garrison House, Millport & Fairlie Village Hall (10am-2pm)


A new strategy for Hunterston Port aims to achieve a viable and sustainable transformation


A £28 million redevelopment of Ardrossan Harbour aims to not only maintain vital ferry services, but also reinvigorate the entire town

Greener Industry Research Hub Planned for Hunterston (0.08Mb)

Peel Ports to team up with expert partners for pioneering projects to boost Scotland's sustainable economic future