Attracting tomorrow’s talent

Hunterston PARC has the potential to support sustainable North Ayrshire communities for generations to come by:

  • Providing up to 1,700 jobs that will reduce the need for local people to travel long distances for employment (with the associated costs of that)
  • Ideally positioned to benefit from a strong supply of skilled employees and world-leading research universities . Hunterston Parc is within easy commuting distance from major Universities including the University of Strathclyde and the University of the West Coast of Scotland
  • Retaining or even attracting younger people with high quality and long-term jobs
  • Creating the jobs that will in turn maintain demand for supply services (e.g. local shops) and public services (e.g. schools and healthcare)
  • Building a more resilient economy by introducing a variety of industry sectors to the region
  • Stimulating education, training and skills development activities in the area
  • Giving school leavers a ‘positive destination’ locally to aim for
  • Attracting complementary economic activities that will provide further opportunities for local people
  • Supporting Scotland’s 2025 vision, to have a world-leading working life where work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses, organisations and for society.
Future growth

The priority afforded to Hunterston in national and local policy, places it at the forefront of Scotland’s strategy to be a major contributor to the local economy.

Hunterston Parc has the potential to transform its current economic prospects to drive regeneration and bring prosperity to the West Coast of Scotland.

At a regional level, the recently announced Ayrshire Growth Deal – funded by both Scottish and UK governments and investment support from Scottish Enterprise who are partnering in the PARC development. The North Ayrshire local development plan 2 – is expected to act as a major economic stimulus, which the site is ideally positioned to support. Hunterston Parc is central to this ambition growth agenda.