Strategically located port

Hunterston PARC offers deep-water berths and extensive storage and working areas. 

With a deep-water jetty serving vessels up to 36m draught, unparalleled in the UK, Hunterston PARC offers importers and exporters opportunities to deploy the biggest carriers. 

Mobile craneage, welfare and office accommodation, workshops and new warehouse space will be available.

Inspection, repair and maintenance

Hunterston PARC offers a new alternative to operators looking to bring in large-scale vessels for inspection, repair and maintenance.

Serving draughts up to 36m, Hunterston PARC offers 700m of available quayside, workshops with lifting gear, extensive storage space, and office and welfare facilities. 

Sheltered wet storage options and layup services are available at the Port.

Water depth at the jetty up to 37m

Water depth in the channel up to 50m

Main outward jetty length 450m