Port Services

Strategically located port  

Hunterston PARC’s strengths lie in its location with its deep water port, Europe’s largest dry dock, on-site rail connectivity, national grid connections and its sheer size, which allows for a broad range of options for occupation.

Hunterston PARC is able to serve a variety of different businesses, improving the journey of goods from Scotland to the rest of the world. It is ideally placed to support:

  • Short and long-term vessel lay-up opportunities
  • Cargo handling
  • Generated power provision
  • Onshore activities (warehousing, workshops, accommodation, office facilities, offloading and storage of bagged cargo etc)
  • Delivery of water uplift of waste
  • Marine services
  • Aquaculture
Deep water jetty

An extensive 450m main outward jetty length, helipad and 36m draught, unparalleled in the UK, allows vessels to be accommodated alongside with ease and simplicity. It offers importers and exporters opportunities to deploy the biggest carriers.


The site offers the perfect combination of key assets including marine infrastructure, electric power, large grid connections to the UK National Grid, as well as significant local private wire demand and access to saltwater to support a number of opportunities and enable the growth of the industry.

The Western Link HVDC cable runs along the West Coast from Hunterston to Deeside and as nuclear power generation comes to an end in 2023, significant capacity will open up for the provision and power based load generating. This combined with the 2.2GW HVDC link, will increase to 4.2GW of capacity, not including private wire demand.

Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC)

Aquaculture is hugely important to Scotland, contributing more than £1 billion to the economy every year and supporting around 8,000 livelihoods. Based in Stirling, the SAIC support the Scottish industry meet the rising domestic and global demand for farmed fish and shellfish.

Financed by the Scottish Funding Council, in partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise, SAIC are helping Scotland’s aquaculture sector to tackle challenges and accelerate growth on a daily basis.

They also support innovators of the future, offering a range of academic programme assistance through their Aquaculture Academy.

Storage solutions

The site isn’t short on storage either, allowing customers the opportunity to warehouse their goods. It includes:

  • Office building providing 1,300 square metres of floor space and
  • Two fabrication sheds providing a total of 2,000 square metres of covered storage.

If you want to simply store a few pallets or lease your own facility, our team of experts will be on hand to deliver your ideal solution. From food to furniture, our warehousing facilities can accommodate most products and volumes.

Statutory Harbour Authority

Our services don’t begin or end at the dockside when we offload or load your cargo. Helping you to get to us with the maximum ease and efficiency is just as important.

That’s why we’re not simply committed to providing reliable, safe navigation for all users, and Peel Ports is the Harbour Authority of the river Clyde and its estuary, managing a jurisdiction of 450 square miles, it’s also our commitment to invest logistics solutions through rail, water and road.

We can also offer significant capacity at anchor including deep-water at Loch Striven and Firth of Clyde, between Cumbrae Gap and Cloch Lighthouse.

Marine Services

Peel Ports Group’s Marine Departments are the first link in the chain of access to some of the most efficient and competitive range of port facilities available throughout the UK. They coordinate and manage the provision of key marine services to shipping operators. These include everything from tug services, marine pilotage and pilot transfer services to hydrographic surveying, maintenance dredging, navigation aid provision and mooring services.

Wherever your vessel moves in our harbours, it is scheduled and controlled through our vessel traffic service or local control centre.

King George V Dock (KGV)

Peel Ports Clydeport’s King George V (KGV) located nearby, has proven capability in handling the loading and unloading of large wind turbines. It boasts state-of-the-art port facilities, including a deep-water harbour, and is centrally located with great access to Scotland’s motorway network.